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A Delhi-based mentoring-and-publishing house, we enable school children to become published writers of mainstream fiction. These young authors learn how to write, edit, publish, release and sell professionally produced books in the market- all under the close guidance of a journalist-turned-author and an experienced editor. Even before they step out of their teens, their works are selling on Flipkart, Amazon and on select bookstands.

Ours is a writing programme for young authors. We select the writers through a series of tests and an interview. The writing sessions are held at school, during school hours, where the writers develop story ideas, structure them, write the stories down, edit them and complete the manuscript. We also decide the book title and its cover design. Finally, a brilliantly written and ruthlessly edited book is ready for launch.


Ruchira Mittal

Founding Editor and Mentor

Ruchira studied English literature from Delhi University. She is a writer and editor and has channelised her love for literature into mentoring young writers across the country. She is a motivational speaker and also reads the Tarot. You can read her predictions on the Zee News website every week. In 2013, she co-founded Quill Club Writers with a view to helping young authors write and publish fiction.

Hemant Kumar

Founding Editor and Lead Mentor

Hemant is a journalist, novelist and mentor. He was journalist for nearly three decades. Hemant also held senior positions in the managements of a host of television news organisations. His debut novel- Prey By The Ganges (Wisdom Tree, 2011) is a highly acclaimed and engaging thriller set in Bihar of 1948. Now he devotes all his time to mentoring young authors and publishing their stories. He is also writing his second novel these days.

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